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Mon. Sep. 16
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Tue. Sep. 17
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Tue. Sep. 17
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM

Thu. Sep. 19
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Fri. Sep. 20
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sat. Sep. 21
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sun. Sep. 22
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sun. Sep. 22
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM


Sun. Sep. 15 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
SNOOZE - listen
Snooze is a happy, heavy mathrock band from the Chicago burbs.
A dad-hat wearing quintet from St. Louis, MO that fuses both Math Rock and Midwest Emo, and mixes in influences from bands such as Delta Sleep, Tiny Moving Parts, and American Football. Their shows are high energy and keep listeners on their toes through shifts in rhythm throughout.
Endolphins is a two-piece experimental rock band from Chicago. Incorporating electronic elements like triggered samples and synthesizers into a classic guitar/drums duo, Endolphins takes influence from americana, math-rock, and hip hop to create a full and varied sound that's filled out with harmonizing and trading dual vocals.
Instrumental Math Rock Band from Chicago, Illinois.


Mon. Sep. 16 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DREADWOLF - listen
Dreadwolf is a Pop Punk Undertoned Trio from Chicago, IL. Founded by Anthony Fograse and Chris Defibaugh in 2014. Kevin Clark joined up in 2017 and have been going strong ever since. Dreadwolf is currently recording an EP with Dan Tinkler at Million Yen Studios. Projected release date will be before the New Year 2019.
TURN N FIRE - listen
Chicago based punk trio.
I'm a stoned little kid screaming out apologies until the right people hear them at the right time.


Tue. Sep. 17 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
SOPHAGUS - listen
Sophagus is the work of Matthew Engers who has been involved in the scene as a musician blending punk/electronic/hiphop/etc, visual artist, video director and clothing designer, making new pieces from recycled materials.
SWELLS - listen
Swells jigsaws all sorts of samples, seeking to recreate the sounds of your most recent daydream about running down a hill faster than you can pedal your legs. Formerly a studio project, and currently a fluid ensemble of friends.
CADO SAN - listen
Energy Vision is a Chicago-based act that exists in a space somewhere between experimental noise-dance and psychedelic drone with underlying hints of synth pop.


Thu. Sep. 19 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Creating songs with dreamy riffs, melodic bass lines and powerhouse drums, Mermaid N.V. is an indie rock trio based in Chicago.
SWEETIE - listen
Two-piece, punk rock outfit Sweetie ain't writin' love songs for soft talkers; Drawing influence from The Cramps, Lydia Loveless, The Distillers, Iggy Pop, The Cramps, Hasil Adkins, and that one friend of yours' band that's playing a basement show you've driven passed 3 times trying to find, Sweetie promises to layer plaque on the teeth of the grinning participator. The two met and have collaborated since their time in Dekalb, Illinois and believe you me when I say this s*** ain't corny.
Hippie Christmas is a three piece punk band from Crystal Lake IL, with influences from Hendrix to The Replacements. Loud blues riffs, piercing Sonic noise, and quick lyrics about the dirt of Chicago lifestyle. Check out or EP born in Chicago.
STREETCAR - listen
Streetcar blends styles from rock and indie to grunge and post-punk, with an (anti-)folky rawness. Actually, Streetcar is comfortable not really knowing what it is.


Fri. Sep. 20 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
SaveMoney's own Sterling Hayes says it best himself, "I'm an advocate for everyone to have an outlet of self expression." Sterling's music is nothing shy of a reflection. The combination of 808s and psychedelic instrumental breaks mixed with drug-laced lyrics resonate so deeply that the listener feels like they've taken the same pills as Sterling himself. Coming off his most recent drop, Hearsay, Hayes is ramping up to make some major waves in the Chicago scene. The Hyde Park native has been releasing music with the SaveMoney crew (Chance The Rapper, Vic Mensa, Towkio, and more) for five years and then some, and shows no signs of slowing down.
THE ABLEIST - listen
Chicago’s the Ableist plays punk that resides on the dismal side of hardcore. In addition to discussing political and social issues, their willingness to tackle subjects such as depression, addiction, abuse, and disability, works to their advantage, creating an honest approach to a genre often confining. The Ableist is currently recording their debut LP.
Saint Ripley is a different breed of rapper. Growing up with punk rock roots, his life experiences and world views are almost other-worldly in comparison to his peers in the hip-hop scene. As a political science major, he is extremely driven by his passion for equality and desire to reform the America, its government, politicians, but most importantly – your perspective. As an artist, Saint Ripley is more auteur than rapper. Thoughts & Prayers, Saint Ripley’s debut record, arrives just in time for the revolution. As unchecked wars, dictators, greed, racism, hate and violence rule the world, there must be someone who has the courage to fight. Someone must be willing to sacrifice everything.
UNDERWIRE - listen
We're a dynamic all-girl punk band from Chicago IL. Our songs center on interpersonal relationships, feminism, and the world around us.


Sat. Sep. 21 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
EIGHTIES SLANG (formerly Oakmen) - listen
Echoing the roar of Chicago’s Blue Line and the vivid graffiti alongside, Eighties Slang will grip you with their retro-inspired, colorful, self-effacing Post Punk Rock. With an analog wash of pulsing, arpeggiated synths and jarring guitars that revolve around a melodic, thick rhythmic foundation, Eighties Slang sounds like what outcasts in 80’s movies thought the future rock would sound like. They will leave you raw with all their emotions, delivered in clever songwriting and earnest vocals.
5 piece indie/rock band from Chicago, IL.
SLOW HASTE - listen
Slow Haste is the indie-folk-electronic project of Daniel Juergens. Grown in Portland, ME. Based in Chicago, IL.


Sun. Sep. 22 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Badwater Sound is a Chicago based Americana Rock'n'Roll, Midwest Punk'n'Soul duo for screaming coyotes, misfits, givers, takers, leaners and shakers. Best results when used for dancing, deliberating, fornicating, and/or burning things down.
Gritty american rock and roll, with a distinct focus on songwriting. Born of the Songwriting of folk singer Bob Fleming, and fueled by the guitar work of Hunter Good, the harmonies of Dawn Williams, and the driving rhythm of Brandon Betts, Ryan Southwell, and Ben Bourne. The Cambria Iron Co. Is set to release their first full length record, on Vinyl, Cd, and Digital, September 13th, through Bye Fi records. The grinding road, worn down by Bob and Dawn as a duo over the last three years, playing over 150 shows a year, through 42 states, will be hit just as hard with the Cambria Iron Co. in support of their freshman relase.
HI HO (Gillian of Turnspit) - listen
My name is Gillian and this is my solo project, Hi Ho. I write mostly sad songs because I feel lots of feels. My songs are vulnerable, raw and honest. I hope you feel something when you listen. I'm also one-fourth of Turnspit, a melodic, Midwestern punk band proudly from Chicago.
Chicago’s Will Bennett & The Tells conjure a delicious mix of supercharged country and toe-tapping rock & roll. Their confident new LP All Your Favorite Songs captures the spirit of the band’s raucous live shows.


Tue. Sep. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
SPLITS - listen
Drawing inspiration from heartbreak, growth, and the practice of self-love, splits is an alternative/rock band from Chicago, IL aiming to spread positivity. Their debut EP, "they let us go", was released on June 7 and is available now.
HAND OUT - listen
Nola Power Emo.
COROLLA - listen
Combining elements of 90's era lo-fi and shoegaze with the cadence of soul-samba guitar chords, the band's focus is on song-craft.


Thu. Sep. 26 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Breathing Light formed in Huntsville, Alabama around 2008. They relocated to Chicago in 2012. Their sound is a mixture of Punk and Post-punk.
PROPER. - listen
An Afropunk band from Brooklyn, NY for fans of Say Anything, Kanye West, and Modern Baseball.
MINT GREEN - listen
"Mint Green makes music that feels like the first signs of spring—teeming with life, but still vulnerable and fresh. It's hard to talk about Mint Green without mentioning Paramore's Hayley Williams. As with her peers Soccer Mommy and Julien Baker, Williams' lyrical and musical influence on the next generation of songwriters cannot be overstated. Summery indie rock vibes permeate the pop-punk framework in which Mint Green operates. By packaging themes of late adolescence in a genre targeted towards young teenagers, Mint Green are more effective than most at capturing the tensions and frustrations inherent in early adulthood. As sunshine and warm weather slowly arrive in Boston, there's no better time to listen to the local quartet." — Mikey Enwright, Sound of Boston
J. DOUGLASS (of Turnspit)
Sometimes solo. Sometimes with a band. Always queer emo indie country hipster bullshit.


Fri. Sep. 27 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Grool Brothers are a Northwest Indiana Punk band with a melodic sound, filled with catchy riffs, a driving rhythm, and a need to belt out every word. Every song is a story. For fans of The Menzingers, Iron Chic, The Gaslight Anthem, and Cain Marko.
Not a trio, but does have horns. They let Direct Hit's Devon Kay into the band but we're not going to fault them for it.
The largest woodpecker in north America is the pileated woodpecker
~bedroom pop~
75% of Sore History. 100% of a band from Chicago.


Mon. Sep. 30 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
POOR CALVIN - listen
Poor Calvin is a Chicago based band bringing new life to both rock and blues. The old soul of singer-songwriter Brian Doherty (vocals, rhythm guitar) is captured in his introspective lyrics and timeless melodies, with the modern indie rock rhythms of Evan Opitz (guitar), Kevin McMahon (bass), and Jimmy Kowalczyk (percussion). Poor Calvin writes music that will make you cry or dance, depending on your mood that day.
BILLY MOON - listen
Being the weirdo in a small town has its drawbacks… something that Billy Moon knows all too well. Growing up outside of what you could call a bed-and-breakfast town, Billy found that music was the one thing that made his world his own. Thanks to one of the more powerful FM transmitters in Ontario, Billy was able to get the sounds of bands like Weezer, The Ramones, and The Velvet Undergound sent to the clock radio in his tiny, rural bedroom. From there, he spent most of his adolescence sharpening his skills as punk and rock music nerd. Eventually he made his way to Hamilton, Ontario where he started playing shows and recorded his first studio EP: Young Adult. After a handful of releases and a couple cross-country tours, Moon has proven himself as a songwriter as well as a performer. Billy Moon is a band, it’s also a guy, and he thinks that talking about it too much is missing the point. Right now he’s currently sitting on a new LP, a bunch of new material, and a live show that’s all about feeling good. Moon makes music to make you realize that holding on to the things that make you different are the ones you should hold on tightest to.
Chicago’s own Orchard Place is a group of friends that make music that draws inspiration from American rock and roll like Tom Petty and Wilco. Their debut EP was self-released on August 2nd, and it’s available on all major streaming platforms.
Chicago-based psych rock band Flying Potion!


Fri. Oct. 04 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
BARREN HEIR - listen
Chicago's Barren Heir emerged in 2015 with their debut album Tired Turns. They holster heaviness, ambiance and sludginess to provide a unique post-metal experience.
THIEVES - listen
Thieves play pulverizing dark hardcore.
L.M.I. - listen
L.M.I. stands for Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals. They are from Lansdale, PA and started playing out in early 2010. Mixing a variety of influences within their sound, L.M.I. infuse stoner, punk and hardcore into fast paced riffs, resulting in a noise that packs an almighty punch.
CORONARY - listen
Coronary is a four piece hardcore/punk band from Chicago, Illinois. No frills and fast as fuck! Lyrically touching on political and social topics, they pull musical inspiration from across the spectrum. Coronary is a speed junkies wet dream made by Brian (guitar/vocals) Andy (bass), Eric (drums) and Ryan (vocals).


Sat. Oct. 05 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Weathered Statues is a dark post-punk band consisting of Jennie Mather (vocals, synthesizer), Jason Heller (guitar), Bryan Flanagan (bass), and Justin Lent (drums), all veterans of the Denver punk scene. Influenced by the spectral sounds of Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division, Christian Death, and Xmal Deutschland, they released their debut album Borderlands in 2018 on Svart Records. Their song “Corpse Candle” was remixed by Lol Tolhurst, founding member of The Cure.
IRON YEARS - listen
Chicago's own Iron Years thrives in the darkness, with an intense stage presence that deserves to be drenched in shades of purple. Much like similarly nocturnal post-punk pioneers Joy Division and The Cure, there's a catchiness to Iron Years' work that will keep their riffs in your head long after the show is done.
GLASS LUX - listen
New-wave synth heavy band from Chicago Illinois consists of Emily Morse (vocals) Leo Saucedo (synth, keys, guitar) Alfonso Mayen (Percussion, Production).
RONIN - listen
Shimmering synth wave rock band defend upon us from Mexico/Puerto Rico. Now with new members and located in Chicago, the project to a sonic layer of synth sounds and visuals along with Electrified synth sax and krautrock motoring drums. Romantic Spanish language and English lyrics metaphorically aligned to please the ear and sight.


Tue. Oct. 08 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Daymaker is a punk project, providing songs that are powerful, infectious, and emotionally moving. Singer Erin Delaney’s voice is an emotional whirlwind that never loses its innate sense of melody as it rises from sweet and charming at its base, to an uncompromising existential tornado at its summit. Egon Schiele’s guitar playing bubbles and evolves like an organism in flux, and often times, acts as a second voice to Delaney’s emotional turbulence. Drummer Dina Moore's swinging rhythms and bassist Eric Newmiller's musical command are the backbone of the group, providing the aesthetic space for emotional chaos to ensue in its most powerful forms.
THE MOBROS - listen
"Kelly and Patrick Morris, collectively known as the Mobros, introduce listeners to "Carrie Anne", a complex character who occupies multilayered song filled with soulful lyrics, unexpected melodic turns and an unforgettable atmosphere. With gutsy guitars and big, booming drums, the track carries an uncommon rawness that translates to musical and emotional honesty." - PopMatters
POST CHILD - listen
"Post Child writes perfect pop gems that throb with massive hooks, interesting textures, and superglue-sticky melodies.” -Chicago Reader
BUR - listen
Hailing from the Chicago suburbs, you can hear the sound of BUR far beyond city limits and state lines. Burying slacker-rock vocals deep in a murk of wailing guitars and distorted fuzz, this noisy quad will leave your ears ringing and bones shaking.


Fri. Oct. 11 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Just four guys who met on Craigslist and like playing doom, stoner, and some times technical metal.
ARRIVER - listen
ARRIVER was founded in Chicago in 2006 to create a metal epic from a found paragraph of nonsense. Their evolution has produced a body of work of great sonic diversity, linked by the narrative thread and the mightiness of the Riff. ARRIVER's latest release, the full-length Emeritus, is an ecstatic/folkloric resetting of the Chernobyl event set forth in five long tracks of expansive heaviness.
MARMORA - listen
Sporting a sound more in line with the depths of a murky swamp than their Chicago brethren, area quartet Marmora are turning heads as well as banging them. Their dirty, howling guitars, crushing bass, and commanding drums recall the stoner rock of yesteryear, while layering on chaotic solos with an undeniable energy. Having honed their chops since 2001, Marmora is a tight-knit family affair that was started by brothers Alex, Ulysses, and Zaid Salazar. In 2015 the band recruited longtime friend Allan Cardenas (formerly of Why Intercept?) to take on lead vocals, keys, and rhythm guitar. With two decades of musical experience under their belt, Marmora unleashes heavy, soulful rock that pays homage to their punk rock past. They have played in such legendary Chicago venues as Cobra Lounge, Empty Bottle, and Reggie’s, alongside bands like WHORES, Weedeater, Truckfighters, and Earthless. Marmora will be hitting the road with an unbridled fierceness in 2017, following the release of 3-track EP Criterion, on April 14th.


Sat. Oct. 12 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DEAD SUN - listen
Another rock band from Chicago.
NO TONGUES FOR QUIET PEOPLE (formerly Vines) - listen
Music like you mean it from Kalamazoo, MI.
On Better Terms is a band based out of Dallas, TX. OBT fuses groovy melodies, and jazzy-driven rhythms with harsh yells and spoken word vocals. With influences such as La Dispute, Troubled Coast, and Touche Amore, they look to bring a unique vibe to the DFW scene.
Indisposed is an abrasive and artistic four-piece influenced by screamo, post-rock, math-rock, and spoken-word with song structures shifting pace between chaotically dissonant to melodically haunting. Started by Nina Palumbo (Guitar, Vocals, Screams), it's members include Noah Therriault of Crushes (Guitar) Rebecca Young (Bass) Daniel Saller of Ikaray (Drums).


Tue. Oct. 15 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
SNOOZE - listen
Snooze is a happy, heavy mathrock band from the Chicago burbs.
STANDBY - listen
Spooky indie / gritty prog from Danbury, CT.
THE MOST - listen
The most is an eclectic math rock band from Southington, Connecticut. Their sporadic style utilizes genre blending changes and innovative grooves to take listeners on a melodic journey. Their goal is to bring orchestration and technicality back to rock and roll in a new and refreshing way, while keeping in touch with the rawness of unbridled passion that lives at the heart of their punk rock roots.
OPTIONS - listen
Options is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Seth Engel, who has found it impossible to stop writing music. He's released several albums with varying sonic approaches, and sometimes plays shows with a band.


Wed. Oct. 16 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Basement Family is a three-piece rock outfit from Chicago, forged and tested in feedback. Drawing upon their hometown’s lineage of noise rock as well as the lineups of esteemed labels such as Touch and Go and SST, the power trio has always aimed to make uncompromisingly loud music that is of interest to them rather than chase any trends.
RODEO BOYS - listen
Rodeo Boys is a lansing-based grunge band combining gritty riffs with power pop melodies. They are a queer fronted four piece that is very inspired by 90's era music such as Pixies, Hole, and Nirvana. Their vocalist Tiffany screams and hollers with a little Meat Puppets twang while their lead guitarist Cody shreds solos that'll bring a tear to your eye. Their bassist Duncan is a classically trained jazz musician that prefers ripping grunge tunes, and their drummer Mandy really knows how to beat a drum kit. They released their debut album "Cherry" in May of 2019.
BRASS CALF - listen
Formed in late 2017, BRASS CALF are a four-piece rock band comprised of longtime friends Nick Lovelace, Alex Lovelace, Weston Engelstad and Scott Myers. They have just completed their debut EP, 'Delphi,' which was recorded over one weekend in a peculiar Indiana farmhouse. Set for a release in summer 2019, 'Delphi' makes use of driving post-punk rhythms, atmospheric textures and often combines irregular grooves with straightforward, pop inspired melodies.
REAL DRAMA - listen
Real Drama is an indie rock power trio from Chicago. They make a kinetic and scrappy kind of rock and roll reminiscent of the Ramones and Cheap Trick.


Fri. Oct. 18 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
TWO HOUSES - listen
"Smash Mouth meets Rage Against the Machine." - Vice
A punk, folk, dancey, yell-y, sing-y good time. TURN UP THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IN THE MONITOR.
WET TROPICS - listen
Wet Tropics is no longer a one-man power group, comprised of John Rejba (Boys Life, The Farewell Bend, Rare Animals): it’s grown into something more after recruiting Krystal Smith (drums) and Justin Watt (bass). A handful of songs written just to have fun, with a simple philosophy of letting it rock and a devil-may-care attitude, have turned into a dancing blizzard.
PERMANENT RESIDENT (members of Canadian Rifle, Salvation, Fuck You, Idiot, and Mean Sean)
We’re not a particularly young punk band.


Sat. Oct. 19 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Never Better is an alternative/punk/rock band from the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Comprised of Michael Balzano (vox/bass), Ryan Erdmann (guitar/vox) Brian Paglia (guitar/vox) and Sabrina Cordero (drums), the four-piece act brings together their collective music experience to provide their high-energy show, drawing influence from bands like Sum 41, Bayside, Brand New and Alkaline Trio.
LUXORA - listen
Formed in 2015, Luxora is a four piece band out of St.Louis Missouri blending high energy rock with engaging melodies. While drawing influence from pop punk, metal and post hardcore Luxora tries first and foremost to write catchy, memorable music for fans of all these genres and more. Cutting their teeth in the local scene, Luxora opened for national acts such as I the Mighty, Thank You Scientist, and Hail the Sun. After releasing their debut professional EP in December 2018 the band Continued to cement themselves in St.Louis, while also booking shows in nearby markets such as Lawrence, KS and Columbia, MO. In 2020 Luxora plans to release their follow up EP, and continue to push past what they have done before both professionally and musically.
A passion to be a beacon in a world that embraces darkness and negativity is what pushes Conman Economy to create art that will both inspire and initiate a change in those who partake in it. The Missouri-based quintet combines honest, no-holds-barred lyrics with catchy riffs to create an experience that will no-doubt leave an impression on those that hear their songs or see their show. After releasing their debut EP, Reach, the band spent time touring across the United States and sharing the stage with such names as State Champs, We Came As Romans, and Famous Last Words. Channeling influences such as Anberlin, Story of the Year, and Taking Back Sunday, the band embarked on a West-coast tour in support of their highly anticipated follow-up, Silent Eyes, and continue to build on the momentum that their fan-base has awarded them.
THE STUDS - listen
What do existential dread, rock n' roll, and video games have in common? Pizza. The Studs are based out of Chicago and ready to party. Their "totally not oxymoronic" debut LP "Don't Suck" dropped in 2011, followed by the prophetic "Fall Of The Studs" EP in 2013. Fast forward through the ether and you'll find the hyperdrive LP "Red Planet Rock" released in 2018. Babyproof the room... The Studs are coming.

Wed. Oct. 23 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
OLD JOY - listen
Scum pop/power trash from Chicago, IL.
DEAD SOFT - listen
Hailing from a small inlet island in the Pacific Northwest, Dead Soft is a four-piece band pairing playful, melody-driven rock 'n roll with high energy power-pop anthems. Or, as the band describes it: "Dead Soft is grunge-punk for the people." The forthcoming EP, New Emotion, features five catchy, earnest fuzzed-out rock songs that act as an empowering reminder that you are in control of your life, even when life feels out of control.
Dinosaur Jr-esque loud indie music.
ESTER - listen
Ester is the newest evolution of songwriter Anna Holmquist's music, ft. a veritable supergroup of Chicago musicians.

Thu. Oct. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Los Crudos meets Pavement
CANADIAN RIFLE (ex Ambition Mission, Fourth Rotor, and (Lone) Wolf & Cub)
Chainsaws fighting in a dump truck. Melodic punk rock outfit based out of Chicago, IL.
Throw your old shoes out before you have to walk to the store to buy a new pair and be hopeless with a smile.
TIME THIEVES (members of This Is My Fist, Brickfight, Sass Dragons, and Horrible Things) - listen
Being in bands takes up time. Time you can never get back.

Fri. Oct. 25 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DEN - listen
Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter. Nuclear winter jams for seedy space dives.
BUMMER - listen
Rock 'n' roll music for the future cavemen of America.
NERVER (formerly Celebration) - listen
Nerver are a really big rock band from Missouri, USA.
SALVATION - listen
Salvation is a Noise-Rock trio out of Chicago, IL. Over a pounding rhythm section provided by Vic Riley and Santiago Guerrero, the harsh screeching guitars leave some room for Jason Sipe's palatable yet tortured vocals. Royal Fucks was released on Tape and CD in 2015 (now out of print) and in March 2017, "Sore Loser" was released by Forge Again Records.

Sun. Oct. 27 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Blind Staggers play the kind music that rattles around your brain at 4am after a long, lonely night at the bar. In other words: THEY PLAY A MIXTURE OF COUNTRY AND PUNK ROCK. (Zing. Bet you wonder how we got all up in your head, SUCKA? It was easy. We are exactly like you in every way.)
Before setting out on his solo folk career, Bradley Palermo spent 15 years fronting the bands The Sudden Passion and Femme Fatality. He grew up in St. Louis, MO playing in local indie bands. All the while he was developing an affinity for the alt-country bands that were emerging from the region at the time. Palermo draws inspiration from Americana acts like Son Volt and The Bottle Rockets, and folk-punk troubadours such as Chuck Ragan and David Dondero (both of which he’s now shared the stage with). His songs are often autobiographical, turning themes of the open road, free living, and facing mortality. Palermo’s first full length, “Volume 1” (out 4/19/19) is a reworked and remastered collection of previously released singles. The record is a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign late last year, and is available on digital/vinyl/CD formats. He is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and touring internationally.
Very few musicians can deliver songs that are emotionally vulnerable and simultaneously epic. Very few activists can help organize massive events like Ladyfest Dayton but also find time to tour and juggle multiple bands. Very few people can radiate boundless creativity and power, while still maintaining their inherently friendly, humble nature. Paige Beller captures all of these qualities and more in her songwriting, live performances, and attitude. Deeply rooted in Dayton, OH’s eclectic music scene for well over a decade, she returns with her newest solo EP, Paige Beller…Space Cadet. Like the five of her other major releases, these songs sting you straight in the heart and rock your soul. Imagine drifting endlessly through outer space, with only a strange concoction of thoughts and feelings to entertain you. The live set is equally dynamic, as Beller deploys everything in her instrumental arsenal; from acoustic and electric guitars, to drum kits, a tiny piano, and of course, her iconic voice.
So many of life’s struggles and successes can be traced back to communication: good, bad, clear, muddled--finding real clarity with others, and yourself, isn’t always as easy as it is essential. Sometimes it can feel like a battle to even know who you are, much less to know others and to help them know you in turn. On their sophomore full-length, Nothing Blues, Chicago’s Typesetter use their distinctly vibrant brand of indie punk to explore that innately human desire for understanding, and how we achieve it. Formed in 2012 by longtime friends, Marc Bannes (vocals, guitar), Alex Palermo (bass, vocals), and Kyle McDonald (guitar, vocals), Typesetter quickly became regulars on the DIY touring circuit and began building a catalog of tuneful, yet gritty songs over multiple EPs and their 2014 debut full-length, Wild’s End. As the band’s lineup evolved, so did their sound, and with the additions of Sarah Bogosh (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) and Matt Gonzalez (drums), a colorful new wash of atmosphere and dynamics began to saturate the band’s anthemic punk. On Nothing Blues, Typesetter dive headfirst into this new territory, with Palermo and Gonzalez providing the driving rhythmic backbone for Bannes and McDonalds’ walls of shimmering reverb and distortion, while Bogosh’s synths add a dreamy flourish rarely heard in tandem with the directness of punk. This eclectic mix of tones and textures--even a bit of trumpet--could be a recipe for sensory overload, but the band deftly makes room for ambitious arrangements while maintaining the unbridled momentum at their core. Typesetter’s sonic growth is a complement to Nothing Blues’ lyrics, which find Bannes’ chronicling a period of his life that compelled him to find crucial new ways of communicating. Throughout his 20’s, he consistently struggled with his mental health, self-medicated for symptoms and denied the situation’s severity because admitting reality felt like a defeat. But as he approached the next decade of his life, Bannes felt pushed to a breaking point, and in desperation finally sought a more constructive path. He was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder, and came to realize this revelation and self-candor wasn’t a defeat at all, but instead a step in the right direction towards drastically renegotiating his interpersonal relationships and internal dialogue into something healthier and happier. Nothing Blues is a document of this process: “Real Conversations with Imaginary Friends” finds Bannes tackling the paranoia of not being able to trust his own perceptions; companion tracks “Monogamy I (Gliss Happening)” and “Monogamy II (Bad Actor)” are odes to honest love; and on “Technicolor” (featuring guest vocals from Lydia Loveless), Bannes sings of his struggles with self-actualization.

Tue. Oct. 29 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
IKARAY - listen
Ikaray is a four-piece post metal band from Chicago, IL. Their music embodies feelings of misery and political dissatisfaction, while delivering atmospheric melodies and crushing tones. Ikaray released their self-titled EP in 2016, and is set to record their full length record in January, 2019.
It's STILL a secret to everybody.
STAGHORN - listen
Driven by feminine empowerment and an ever-evolving quest for lineup diversification and self-sufficiency, Staghorn is as much an intellectual, cultural and philosophical statement as it as an artistic expression. Conceptualizing their compositions as an extended narrative about humanity’s insistence towards the destruction of their surroundings and ultimately of themselves, Staghorn’s recordings offer a narrated sonic journey through our self-induced downfall, the animal kingdom’s terrifying yet triumphant return to power, the crisis of water shortage, a peek into a future where cooperative co-existence is possible, and more. Those prepared to open their minds and take the plunge into this hypothetical realm will find artistry and aesthetic side by side with activism; striking composition aligned with thoughtful ethics, both of which proclaim themselves with bold immediacy.
EKKI - listen
Ekki is a Chicago based riffy shoegaze band from Max Guerrieri, Tim Foley, Leslie Murray, and Jonny Gill.

Fri. Nov. 01 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
BESTMAN - listen
BESTMAN is warm digital, arranged to precision yet completely riotous, as if etched onto a wave; impassioned synthpop that blazes like an unruly bonfire on the beach. Combining vibrant pop rhythms with driving electronic bass and sunny, melodic synths, it captures the nostalgia of fleeting emotions and relationships of youth with the introspection of who we are today. The combination of sunny synth melodies with driving rhythm and bass makes for a relaxed West Coast attitude with a hardworking Midwestern backbone.
PALM GHOSTS - listen
Palm Ghosts is a band based in Nashville, led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas. A Philadelphia native, Joseph Lekkas relocated to East Nashville in the winter of 2014. Palm Ghosts imagines dream pop, new wave and dark cinematic indie textures into an eclectic musical potpourri.
Jackson Davis is songwriter/producer from Chicago, IL that's makin' some experimental indie rock.
Cat Daiquiri is Sarah Sterling (Videotape, Astrobrite), Steve Rajewski (Canada, Little Midnight) and Graham Bauerle (Carbon Dioxide). Steve (guitar, vocals, keys) and Sarah (drums, vocals, keys) met in the spring of 2014, and started working on music together shortly after. A few months later Graham, newly arrived from DC, joined on bass. They had drinks together at a tiki bar, and thus, Cat Daiquiri came to be.

Fri. Nov. 08 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
OVEF OW - listen
OVEF OW is a 4-piece rock band that formed in the spring of 2015. The band's lineup features Marites Velasquez (bass), Sarah Braunstein (drums), Kyla Denham (synth) and Nick Barnett (guitar). Over the past year, the quartet has quickly built a following in the Chicago indie-music scene around their surf and garage/punk-inspired and multi-vocalist sound. They draw influences from Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, and the B-52s.
ASI ASI - listen
Así Así, originally formed in Mexico City in 2009 as El Mañana, is a Chicago based Mexican/American indie rock band. The band consists of Fernando de Buen (guitar/vocals), Ben Geissel (drums), and Charlie Manion (bass guitar). As El Mañana, the band has released two albums, El Mañana and Muertos, with Mexico City labels Discos Cuchillo and Fanclub Records. After a 5-year hiatus, the band reformed in Chicago and has taken on a new name and a more dance influenced style.
CLICKBAIT - listen
Chicago post-punk. A band with a plan.
HEETDETH - listen
Noisy Chicago Rock Duo HEETDETH is ready to play at your BBQ, corporate event, and gendermitzva. Queer, angry, and lovers of the planet.

Sat. Nov. 09 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Indie snowflake rock.
Sadie and the stark is Emily, John, Anthony, and Sadie. A femme-rock, fantasy band for your soul majoring in sci-fi.
Songs of heartbreak, the long highway, and dying alone - from the abandoned cathedral at the end of the galaxy.
SuperKnova is a Chicago-based transgender artist who creates Queer Pop, a guitar-based sound that incorporates electronic drums, driving synths, and virtuosic solos. They write about identity, sex, queerness and the struggle of being your authentic self.

Wed. Nov. 20 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
LILAC - listen
Born from the ashes of local sludge-metal/noise-rock freaks Cacaw, guitarist-vocalist Anya Davidson reemerges after a strong hiatus to create the noisy four-piece LILAC. Consisting of Baltimore transplants Chris Day on bass, Conor Stechschulte on guitar (both of defunct doomy noise-psych band Witch Hat) and Kenny Rasmussen of Anatomy of Habit on drums, LILAC aims to deliver noise-rock quicker, punchier and harder than ever before.
MR. PHYLZZZ - listen
Ex members of the Cincinnati rock outfit The Killtones (Clinton Jacob and Ray Redmon) formed a side project called mr.phylzzz. what else do you need to know but that. We make music and put it out. The end.
BELLHEAD - listen
Bellhead are a Modern Rock duo made up of two Chicago scene veterans who have left their mark across the tattered live music scene. Consisting of High Bass/ and Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnered with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer- one of Chicago’s premier bass players who has been featured as a current or former member of diverse bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, Sheriff Scabs, W.O.R.M, Now I'm Nothing, mindfluxfuneral, Bethany Thomas, Pigface, and am.psych.
PYLONS - listen
Pylons formed in Chicago in 2015 and have released two full-length records. Known for contrasting vocals and tight songwriting, their sound is uniquely thrilling. Post-punk and grunge influences vary up their sound, perfect for fans of Pixies or Wire. Their full lineup is Gretchen Hannum on guitar and vocals, Sam Fadness also on guitar and vocals, Karen Mooney on bass, and Andrew Sheriff on drums.

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