The Burlington quick list
Crown Liquors
Reggie's Rock Club
Chop Shop
The Burlington
The Beat Kitchen

Tue. Mar. 19
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM

Wed. Mar. 20
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Thu. Mar. 21
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sun. Mar. 24
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sun. Mar. 24
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM

Tue. Mar. 26
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM


Mon. Mar. 18 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
FADE - listen
Shimmery, mysterious and synth-heavy, Grand Rapids-based multi-instrumentalist/songwriter FADE creates 80s-inspired melodies and rhythms perfect for a night at the Roadhouse. Previously one-half of electronic duo PARTS, FADE has been described as dreamy, empowering, and "prismatic dayglo music."
Softviolent is an ambient folk group with haunting melodies and electro-acoustic instrumentation. Hypnotic, lovely and painful, Softviolent has performed steadily around Chicago since 2016.
Rush Falknor provides a temporary zone of atmospheric synthesis and minimal electronic brutalism. Precisely dissecting field recordings to extract the full sonic potential hidden under the immdediate surface, we stumble upon lost textures and off-kilter rhythms, teetering between realms of musique concrète and improvisational heavy electronics.


Wed. Mar. 20 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
COURTNEY - listen
Chicago three-piece Courtney layers gritty-sweet harmonies over thick grunge guitar and bass. The band's simple, three-chord songs rattle Millennial nostalgia for early 90s rock radio.
Clever Girls- a quartet formed in the drunken masses of Burlington, Vermont that creates noisy, confused rock. Having shared stages with national powerhouse acts such as Lucy Dacus, Mothers, Hammydown, GRLwood and Weakened Friends, Clever Girls is taking the Northeast storm. Diane Jean’s quirky outlook buoys the band’s writing, while Rob Slater, Tobias Sullivan and Winfield Holt deftly conquer everything from percussive palettes to guitar melody. Together, the group creates hardhitting and masterful tunes, never slipping into diaristic monotony. Above all, Clever Girls as a group will elicit the same emotions and nostalgia that Diane Jean seeks to find in her day job; the music will live somewhere between straight forward rock and roll of bygone eras and dusty, moth eaten grunge pop.
UNDERWIRE - listen
We're a dynamic all-girl punk band from Chicago IL. Our songs center on interpersonal relationships, feminism, and the world around us.
LA ROSA NOIR - listen
La Rosa Noir is a post-punk band with danceable songs and soulful vibes. Inspired by surf, rockabilly, ska, and punk, La Rosa Noir strive for a sound that’s cool and fun.


Thu. Mar. 21 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Chicago five-piece Circle with Lines creates off-kilter indie pop as fresh and unusual as its violin-and-vocal centered instrumentation might suggest. Combining conservatory training with extensive work in other local indie groups (Jazz Robots, Qajaq, Aunt Kelly, Cousins), these young Chicagoans craft tightly-wound, head-bopping tunes that feel strange in all the right ways.
5th Wave Collective is a Chicago-based classical music ensemble dedicated to the performance and promotion of music by female composers. We seek to celebrate the legacy of female composers before us, and create a platform for those to come.
The Żurawina Quartet is the project of violinists Alexandra Kwasny and Scott Daniel, violist Caleb Henry, and cellist Francisco Malespin. Individually, these young Chicago artists have participated in numerous chamber and orchestral groups around the city, and have performed in locales as far-flung as Vienna, Sydney, Quebec, Paris, and Poland.


Sun. Mar. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
We are a surf, psychedelic, punk band based out of the Belmont Gardens neighborhood of Chicago.
THE MISSED (members of Nervosas, Glass Traps, and Jim Davis) - listen
Cleveland punk from folk who KNOW how to make punk.
KILL SCENES - listen
We are a dark dream pop project from Chicago, IL. We make music with instruments, voices, machines, and found sounds.
Some sick indie, emo, bedroom pop from Chicago, IL.


Wed. Mar. 27 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Knees are an up-and-coming art rock band from Chicago. The four piece, formed in the latter half of 2017, showcases intricate guitar interplay and dynamic rhythmic propulsion. After a year of constant local shows, a summer tour to the east coast, and three singles released, the band is gearing up to record their first release in the coming months.
BILLY MOON - listen
Being the weirdo in a small town has its drawbacks… something that Billy Moon knows all too well. Growing up outside of what you could call a bed-and-breakfast town, Billy found that music was the one thing that made his world his own. Thanks to one of the more powerful FM transmitters in Ontario, Billy was able to get the sounds of bands like Weezer, The Ramones, and The Velvet Undergound sent to the clock radio in his tiny, rural bedroom. From there, he spent most of his adolescence sharpening his skills as punk and rock music nerd. Eventually he made his way to Hamilton, Ontario where he started playing shows and recorded his first studio EP: Young Adult. After a handful of releases and a couple cross-country tours, Moon has proven himself as a songwriter as well as a performer. Billy Moon is a band, it’s also a guy, and he thinks that talking about it too much is missing the point. Right now he’s currently sitting on a new LP, a bunch of new material, and a live show that’s all about feeling good. Moon makes music to make you realize that holding on to the things that make you different are the ones you should hold on tightest to.
THE HAZY SEAS - listen
Chicago quartet The Hazy Seas mix sensible indie rock with danceable lo-fi pop. After forming in Northern Michigan and releasing thier debut 7" Evergreen/Kite Dodging, the band transplanted tonChicago in mid 2017 and are recording there full length release due in early 2018.
NEW DRUGS - listen
Up-beat punk for the recently deceased.


Thu. Mar. 28 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Five archaeologists take time off from suppressing evidence that aliens built the pyramids, and make some rock and roll. For real. We see dead people for a living. And then write songs about heartache and self-medication during late stage capitalism, Trumpian end times and inevitable ecological disaster.
NECTER - listen
Necter is a four piece indie pop rock group hailing from Long Island, New York with an infectiously bright aggressive sound juxtaposed with hard-hitting lyrics. Debuting their first album in 2016, At The Core, followed by the heavier sounding ep, Bruise Your Ego in late 2017, the energetic duo singer band packs a sweet punch that'll be sure to draw you in and keep you hooked.
A quartet of heavy, semi-technical, ever grunge.
The Inventors are a three piece rock band that calls Chicago home. We draw influences from every genre and apply that to everything we do from writing, recording, and performing. Come see us live!


Fri. Mar. 29 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
GENTLE HEAT - listen
A band from Chicago and Milwaukee playing a little bit of this, little bit of that, but not really any of that other stuff to be honest.
CAIRNS - listen
Sometimes soft, sometimes noisy, always Cairns.
LARGE PRINT - listen
Large Print are a Milwaukee, WI based quintet that takes a pretty laid back and soothing approach to indie rock that's sure to get your toe tapping.
Joey Nebulous plays twee pop with lyrics blending the serious with the silly. Vocals reside in a glassine falsetto sound, sometimes dipping into chest voice, but never approaching a mid or low end keeping the vocals soaring above the rest of the sound. Also adding to the playful sound are the keys, the melody part often having a clear tone that brings to mind vintage video games or kids’ xylophone.


Sat. Mar. 30 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Shemanskifest 2019!
Time to get weird.
Rock n roll dream team starring Kate Walsh (The Bangers, Satan's Boner), Mary Beth Brennan (The Baby Magic) and your girl Carrie.
Hootin' and hollerin' and general merriment. Look for us in bars, cafes, and living rooms around Chicago.


Sun. Mar. 31 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
KODAKROME - listen
Kodakrome is a Post-Punk trio with a love for all things catchy and dissonant. Combining backgrounds of synth-laden electro-punk, hardcore, and pop punk come songs that range from 20 second mantras to extended builds layered with thick and messy guitars, fuzzed out bass lines, and erratic vocals. Lyrical content varies from stream of consciousness to self-assuring affirmations, point-of-view story-telling and anything in-between, creating songs that feel both nostalgic and unsettling.
Stoop Goodnoise leads the way in the new Chicago rock scene. Chicago has always been a city of collided cultures coming together to form something amazing, and there is no band that encapsulates this like Stoop Goodnoise. A facepunch of 90's grunge fury, punk choruses, and intergalactic guitar solos. One part Chicago street kids, one part classic rock phenoms, but all one original sound that cannot be missed, ignored, and cannot be stopped.
Holly & The Nice Lions are a Wisconsin based rock and roll band named by a four year old.
HARRY VETCH (ex Paperbacks) - listen
These guys still have beepers.


Tue. Apr. 02 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
CHINAROSE - listen
ChinaRose is a midwest musical collective interested with expressing our dirty suburban youth and sharing the music that oozes out of our scattered brains.
WINE LIPS - listen
Toronto based garage rockers Wine Lips hit the stage for the first time in the fall of 2015. Initially a part time project, the band began playing clubs in Toronto, stretching organically to surrounding Ontario cities and by mid 2017 it was clear that the band members were ready to make a full-time commitment. Wine Lips released their self-titled debut LP on indie label Fried Records and set out on their first 5-province tour, east to Halifax and haven’t looked back. After an appearance at Le Knock Out in Quebec City, the band was approached by Simon Gaudry with regard to touring overseas. That chance meeting resulted in an April 2018 tour of Hong Kong and China, where they were received by enthusiastic audiences. Never letting the dust settle the band has been touring Canada consistently with no signs of stopping. Fronted by Cam Hilborn on guitar and vocals, Aurora Evans on drums and Richard Stewart on bass, the band continues to serve up their addictive, high energy, sonic tonic, preparing to release their follow-up LP and head out on their first tour of the US in March.
SKYD - listen
SKYD is a trashy fuzz-rock duo from the burbs of Chicago.


Wed. Apr. 03 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The last great American rock n' roll band for fans of Sparklehorse, The Smashing Pumpkins, Guided By Voices, Kind Of Like Spitting, and Big Star.
PACK SOUNDS - listen
Pack Sounds is a band that is hard to place, but easy to enjoy. Featuring members of Bike Tuff, The Reptilian, and Locktender, the Kalamazoo, MI quartet play songs that range from punky to pretty, and aren't afraid to get a little bit gritty.
Three weird doods with three loose moods.
Sad Witches is former/current members of Winter Classic, Otto Mann, Oscar Bait and Boss Fight.


Thu. Apr. 04 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
HIKES - listen
Hikes is a band of friends from Austin, Tx. Inspired by nature, and driven to meld their love of heavy, technical styles with jazz, indie, and folk.
JR. CLOONEY - listen
A jazzy band of buds from St. Louis, Missouri, USA.
Jupiter Styles is the solo project from Chicago-based singer-songwriter Sean Neumann. JP’s debut record “Be Good” (and variations of Jupiter's live band) features members of Ratboys, Pet Symmetry, The Reptilian, Jodi, Lifted Bells and more. Jupiter’s 10-track debut ranges from pounding punk songs that last less than a minute to pedal-steel infused alt-country tracks built on storytelling. Neumann is a touring member of Chicago band Ratboys, played in Champaign-based twee band Nectar and formerly made music under the moniker "Single Player" prior to signing with Other World Recordings (US) and Human Noise Records (UK) for Jupiter’s debut release.


Fri. Apr. 05 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DROUGHTS - listen
4 guys from different backgrounds playing together in a band that shouldn't actually work but does.
Indisposed is an abrasive and artistic four-piece influenced by screamo, post-rock, math-rock, and spoken-word with song structures shifting pace between chaotically dissonant to melodically haunting. Started by Nina Palumbo (Guitar, Vocals, Screams), it's members include Noah Therriault of Crushes (Guitar) Rebecca Young (Bass) Daniel Saller of Ikaray (Drums).
CADENCE FOX - listen
Cadence Fox is a 3 piece experimental band from Chicago.
Playing loud tunes.


Sat. Apr. 13 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
LITTLE BOY JR. - listen
"If you like garage pop with a sense of vaudevillian whimsy, then you will love Little Boy Jr. Their songs combine elements of Merseybeat, surf, and rock into a mix that is nearly impossible to resist. Lovers of The Beatles and the Animals, as well as fans of The Everly Brothers and The Knack will want to check them out."-International Pop Overthrow
Rock & Roll had to die. It was the only way to bring it back to life. Such is the feeling of All New Kinds of Strange, the debut album from Chicago’s newest Americana rock band: The Prairie Fires. Stripping rock & roll to it’s essential form, the record isn’t afraid to dip into multiple genres to reshape the sounds of rock. What is the sound of rocks future? It’s clear the band is influenced by a variety of musicians from the Midwest and beyond, blending the soundscapes of Tom Petty and John Mellencamp with the pop songwriting sensibilities of 90s groups like Gin Blossoms and The Wallflowers, all of which are heavily dosed with the distinctive grooves and licks of Chicago blues. This is a band that appreciates rock & roll in the broadest sense of the word, and has the skills and sounds to bring it into tomorrow. The band takes its name to honor it’s Midwestern roots. Fire is an essential element of rebirth for the expansive prairies of Illinois, and that sentiment is reflected in the mission and sounds throughout All New Kinds Of Strange.
Chunky Barista is punk/video game influenced band from Aurora, Illinois. They have been described as "kick ass."


Mon. Apr. 15 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Endolphins is a two-piece experimental rock band from Chicago. Incorporating electronic elements like triggered samples and synthesizers into a classic guitar/drums duo, Endolphins takes influence from americana, math-rock, and hip hop to create a full and varied sound that's filled out with harmonizing and trading dual vocals.
PALE SHADE - listen
Slow, heavy and on all counts loud, Tired, the brand new single by Josh O'Hara's Pale Shade, is a devastatingly crushing ode to solitariness and disconnection. Emitting more than enough fuzz and reverb, the song is the epitome of the rising band's mesmerizing compound of darkness, noisiness and intensity, and it comes as impressive as what people and the press applaud as the finest you can hear in the world of shoegaze at the moment.
VALE - listen
Vale is; Scott Cortez (astrobrite) and Kelly Coffey (Radio Shaq, no more dead girls, and various, poorly named, side projects), playing goth-tinged, post punk, shoegaze noise.
DUST BATH - listen
2-piece rock and roll band from Chicago. Loud, rock, doom, psych, we don't even know.


Fri. Apr. 19 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Record release show for These Beasts!
These Beasts are a three piece from Chicago, IL consisting of Todd Fabian on Bass and Vocals, Keith Anderson on Drums and Chris Roo on Guitar and Vocals. The debut, Salvor, was recorded by Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Lustre King) at Minbal. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service and art by Scott Shellhammer.
Masonic Wave is a super new local group featuring members of My Cold Dead Hand, Bloodiest, Yakuza, Sherpa, Sybris, The Reputation, Galactic Inmate, and Rabid Rabbit, who also happen to bartend at your favorite West Town, Logan Square and Pilsen bars and venues.
Pale Horseman is a four piece sludge band from the South suburbs of Chicago, reformed and refined from the ashes of COULDRON.
SCUMLORD is a Chicago based Grind/Hardcore/Punk band. Ex-members of River Coffin and two other dudes who have like, played music before, in the past.


Sat. Apr. 20 - 8:00 pm - 21+ - & Forever Deaf Presents!
HIGH PRIEST - listen
High Priest is a 4 piece stoner doom band from Chicago, IL, featuring riffs.
HUNTSMEN - listen
Storytelling is the great, albeit fading, American pastime. It predated writing and in many instances, was told in song. In modern times, many musicians have approached their music from a storytelling point of view: Dylan, Springsteen and Waits to name a few. Chicago’s Americana metal outfit, HUNTSMEN, are carrying the torch for heavy bands to be added to that list.
Check out their latest record “American Scrap”, out now on Prosthetic Records.
FOOL'S GHOST (members of Young Widows, Fotocrime, Sandpaper Dolls, Liberation Prophecy)
Fool’s Ghost is the new endeavor from husband and wife duo Nick Thieneman (Young Widows, Fotocrime) and Amber Estes Thieneman (Sandpaper Dolls, Liberation Prophecy). The music of Fool's Ghost is solemnly beautiful and tune driven by Amber’s heavy-hearted vocals that are perfectly served over a pulsating guitar/bass section that together are reminiscent of a combination between Songs Ohia and Joan Shelley.
SNOW BURIAL - listen
In 2018 Snow Burial released a split tape with Iowa City’s doom maestros Aseethe courtesy of Hand Of Death Records. The band was honored to play the acclaimed London Desert Fest in May, at the close of their 2nd European tour with Cornwall’s own Monolithian. Most recently they were excited to be a part of the first Forever Deaf Fest, a 2-day celebration of Chicago Metal. Snow Burial are currently writing their second full length, to be recorded at Electrical Audio in 2019.


Thu. Apr. 25 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
What About This is a band from the Midwest. They like pop music. They try to make pop music. They don't know what pop music is.
PROVOLONE - listen
Evokes the memory of getting drunk off 9 Miller Lites sophomore year, bonking from the heat because you forgot to drink water, and waking up to your friends playing Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain for the 3rd time of the night while a guy you don’t know is playing Smash 64 on your couch.
Urbana's classic premium band, born in the land of Bob James Thrash punk. They spent the past two years lost in the Northwoods with a lizard in their arms and a song in their hearts. Check out their new smash-hit EP "More UNABASHED Rock from Bad Columbus" by Bad Columbus. 1-800-BAD-COLUMBUS! CRITICS RAVE!
BLAKE - listen
Fuzz in your face.


Fri. Apr. 26 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Cliche as it may sound, Neighborhood Brats bring punk back down to earth. They make the room less aware of how serious everyone is about themselves. Going to a punk show nowadays can sometimes feel like a chore. I know punk can still be about community, friends, getting wasted, not giving any fucks about what anyone thinks, and above all, just having fucking fun. It seems like Neighborhood Brats never lost that.
Mega-pissed, riffy, metallic, and slightly twisted punk in the vein of Out Cold, Needles, or Die Kreuzen. Basically, if you like your hardcore tough, catchy, and unpretentious you need to check out Udusic.
CB RADIO GORGEOUS (members of Forced Into Feminiinity, Red Delicious, Big Zit, Negative Scanner) - listen
CB Radio Gorgeous are a punk band from Chicago, Illinois with an EP out on Not Normal Tapes.
COMPRESSIONS (ex members of Pillage, Pedestrians, Full On & Closing In) - listen
It's hardcore punk from people who KNOW hardcore punk. Trust the pedigree.


Sat. May. 04 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Traci Trouble is back with a brand new three-piece combo called AWEFUL, and its a sweeping new sound you might not expect. Joining up with Lucy Dekay from Mystery Actions, this new project juts forth with a streamlined layered vocal and a wiry guitar tone, its a new direction, a subdued sonic approach with slithering dynamics and cavernous depth. Echoing solid 80’s Gun Club & Fur Bible’s chorus pedal-soaked vibes with a wall of dripping female vocals cascading over what sounds like a primitive and ominous lost Love and Rockets outtake, AWEFUL are a welcome new breath of fresh air to Chicago’s underground sounds. Stepping aside from pandering to the pedantic tropes of endless post-punk operatives, AWEFUL draw out a more luscious & moaning fuzzed-out experience, drilling their sticky repetition into your cortex with songs that pull you in immediately. Fans of Grass Widow, Wax Idols, and The Breeders take note, this band is turning those same corners and will soon turn those same heads.
- Todd Killings 2018
Some artists grab your attention immediately, but fail to hold it very long. Others dig into your subconscious, until you can't get that tune out of your head. When a rare band hits you right off the first note and stays in your head long after the record stopped spinning or the house lights come on, you know you've found some magic. And if you're one of those artists that can conjure up that magic, you may as well put it in your name. There you have Chicago's The Baby Magic. A trio of hyperactive yet hyper-articulate musicians bangin' out the sexiest new-wave/no-wave jams you've ever heard, The Baby Magic enthralls the listener on their newest record "Rent a Place in Hell" as well as previous effort "Whoopsy Daisy." Their songs conjure up the best moments of Beat Happening, Talking Heads, and newer groups like Death From Above 1979 without sounding redundant of anything that's come before. Rather, they're a harbinger for a new, enlightened, and - goddamnit - fun time. But if you want the full 'Magic experience, find them in the sweatiest, sleaziest, skankiest bar you know and get set to release your inhibitions and find that part of you that your assistant principal warned you would end up on your permanent record.
When you hear Boybrain you'll wonder how a voice that sounds like it's been gargling razor blades and whiskey can come from such a compact package. Patti Scum (The Dials, New Black, Ratattack) returns with her new baby; a snarling pissed off baby reminiscent of 1980s Punk with a touch of woven in melody that makes you swear you're hearing an unreleased Cobain track. Joining her on guitar is Inga Scum (Wanton Looks) folding in a string of catchy virtuosic leads that she has become so well known for. Dr. Doom (Jesse Trip and the Nightbreed, Slutter, Cat Meat). of New Orleans on the bass adds an element of sludge yet still manages to blow your hair back with her stage antics and demonic back-ups. Drummer Chris Ott of Paper Bullets, Red Denizen, Heavy Medz and a staple of the Chicago Punk scene has found his home in this band of piss and vinegar ruled by women and ready to make the future theirs. Remember kids, the future is female, and Boybrain is the soundtrack.

Thu. May. 09 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Daydream Review (Elijah Montez) creates surfy psych pop. His music takes a sonically nostalgic quality, as he weaves classically psychedelic pop sounds à la 1967 Beatles with a synthpop sensibility. After cutting his teeth in the live music capital of the world as Laissez Faire Cassette, Montez rebranded as Daydream Review in the advent of his move to Chicago. “Montage” b/w “Then and There” was released shortly after in September 2018, marking a departure from the DeMarcoesque riffs of 2017’s Golden Summer EP into a phase of greater experimentation. Montez aims to release a Daydream Review LP in 2019.
MAGU - listen
Magū has continuously reinvented themselves stylistically with each and every release. Nothing seems to be out of reach for this Omaha Baroque Pop quintet. Their short roving has transformed them into a lush collective that encompasses Jazz, Rock & Psychedelia. Driven by fetching vocal melodies and lavish sax inflexions their knack for punchy percussion gleams through the dense gaze of swelling guitars. With two diverse EP's released in 2018 on Bad Dad Records and a freshman LP due summer of 2019, Magū is ambitiously unpredictable and constantly pushing boundaries.
Jacob James Wilton's songs are haunting reminders of trials and direction. An attempt at experimenting further with what you can do to the familiar sounds of grunge, pop, and folk. Something to seek out for anyone looking to put a soundtrack to their life.
Putting out content steadily since the beginning of 2017, his band is now planning a route straight to the heart of your ear holes. Jacob started writing at a young age and grew to gain musical roles in a number of bands including Super Ghost, Twinsmith, Magū, Lighthouses, etc.. New music/content coming in 2019.
Despair pop from Chicago, IL.

Sat. May. 11 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Los Crudos meets Pavement
Bummer tunes for bummer dudes. Let's all touch.
LOW FORMS - listen
These Zenith City Rockers have been gigging around the Twin Ports and other Midwest towns since 2010. Pete Biasi, Jeremy Ehlert and Dave Frankenfeld deliver catchy pop-punk tunes al la Husker Du and the Wipers.
TIME THIEVES (members of This Is My Fist, Brickfight, Sass Dragons, and Horrible Things) - listen
Being in bands takes up time. Time you can never get back.

Sat. May. 18 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Grool Brothers are a Northwest Indiana Punk band with a melodic sound, filled with catchy riffs, a driving rhythm, and a need to belt out every word. Every song is a story. For fans of The Menzingers, Iron Chic, The Gaslight Anthem, and Cain Marko.

1. To think or dwell on something until it is no longer possible to think about it

2. Dreamy, grungy, emo-ish band
FOXGRAVE - listen
From the small town dystopia of Mid-Michigan comes Foxgrave. Featuring clever guitar interplay characteristic of sophisticated indie rock, Foxgrave is also unafraid of big, loud pentatonic guitar solos à la Dinosaur Jr. The drums and bass are tight and booming, providing a solid landscape for textural melodies. Foxgrave takes the accessible elements of modern pop punk (Title Fight, The Wonder Years) and boils them back down to the influences of primordial ‘90s emo groups like Jawbreaker and Pinkerton-era Weezer.
The largest woodpecker in north America is the pileated woodpecker
~bedroom pop~

Fri. May. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
THE HELIGOATS (Chris Otepka of Troubled Hubble) - listen
We all know that "long-awaited" is overused in band bios, but ask any hardcore Heligoats or Troubled Hubble fans and they will tell you that they've worn out the edges of their seats waiting for the newest release from Chris Otepka, the man behind The Heligoats. The Heligoats was Otepka's first songwriting outlet. He wrote his first pieces in 1998 before eventually forming Chicago-based Troubled Hubble, a successful touring band that took up much of his musical energy from 1999-2005. During lulls in Troubled Hubble's career, Otepka would still write songs for The Heligoats, some of which ended up as TH songs, but most of which can be found on his various Heligoats recordings: Heated Arguments, Mountains, Sapling Sessions, The End Of All Purpose, Goodness Gracious, Back To The Ache, and Back To The Lake, etc.
Dutch Tulips are a Rock & Roll band from Boston, MA. The band consists of two brothers, Jack Holland (Vocals, Guitar), Mike Holland (Bass, Vocals), and their friends Justin Mantell (Guitar, Synth, Vocals), and Matt Freake (Drums, Vocals). Their sound combines layered vocal harmonies, fiery guitar tones, and a driving rhythm section to create something that is just as intriguing as it is catchy.
Pioneering slippergaze band.

Wed. Jun. 05 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
WHALER (members of Gasoline Fight and Hubcap) - listen
WHALER is a fluid musical research project.
Guerrilla Ghost is the brainchild of two like minded individuals. This isn't simply a melding of genres; this hip hop filtered through the anger and aggression of punk and metal. The result is something propulsive and forceful that demands the listener's attention.
Sanford Parker’s body of work should not be considered as a collection of loose sheets. Such an oeuvre would be approaching the dimensions of a phone book that could crush a cockroach without any difficulty. It’s not easy to narrow it down to just a few highlights. Let’s put it this way: anyone who has lowered their ear into the chasm of sound between metal and industrial in the last ten to fifteen years will most likely have come into contact with Parker’s work. Perhaps through the bands and projects in which he is or has been involved as a musician: the doom-prophesying powerhouse Buried At Sea, the extreme-sound fraternization Corrections House, the doom/post-metal shamans Minsk, the black-metal junkies Nachtmystium, etc. Or maybe via the sheer volume of the releases to which he skilfully brought his very own toxic sound as a producer or sound technician. In this capacity, the name-dropping begins with Pelican, Eyehategod, Rwake, and Voivod and carries on far beyond YOB, Lair Of The Minotaur, and Woven Hand. In many cases (Minsk, Nachtmystium, Corrections House, Twilight, YOB, Blood Ceremony), he even combined the two areas of activity in an interdisciplinary radicalization of sound both through the amps and behind the mixing desk. A résumé that explains why Parker is seen as one of the most sought-after producers and a central figure in the Chicago subculture and its associated genres in general. But that is not all. It also gives you a rough idea of how obsessively he disseminates his exploration of sound throughout a wide variety of underground segments.
MINERS - listen
MINERS are an American band from Lake County, IL and started in 2012.
A half-man, half-giant on a journey to avenge the death of his mother, by killing his father, the king of the giants.

Thu. Jun. 06 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DEN - listen
Noise rock for noise heads, Den offers shrill electronic abrasion, yet trades the formless distortion pedal army for structured heft, lifeless landscapes, Black Sabbath, and Jupiter. Nuclear winter jams for seedy space dives.
BARDUS - listen
3 piece band hailing from Philadelphia and creating heavy psyche noise grunge sludge. We keep it simple, trying to get lost in our own world.
These Beasts are a three piece from Chicago, IL consisting of Todd Fabian on Bass and Vocals, Keith Anderson on Drums and Chris Roo on Guitar and Vocals. The debut, Salvor, was recorded by Mike Lust (Tight Phantomz, Lustre King) at Minbal. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service and art by Scott Shellhammer.
TILE - listen
Noise Rock from Allentown, PA.
Essential for increasing morale and productivity.

Thu. Jun. 13 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
We are a three-piece that formed in Chicago in 2008 and have since been playing various venues in the city proper. Our live performance is honest and straightforward; where excess vocals and effects lack we make up for in technicality and intensity. Most of our influences draw from 60's and 80's rock, but our sound lies on a foundation of Metal, Punk and New Wave; all of which Ryan and Justin have been experimenting with since middle-school. Lindsey on the other hand provides a dramatic pop element that brings accessibility to the overall sound, striking an essential contrast that most noise and grind bands tend to neglect.
St. Paul, MN Fall 2002: Shane & Cynthia got all their more talented friends together to play songs they liked under the name Screamin' Cyn-Cyn & The Pons. Everyone else dropped out but Shane and Cynthia were in it for the long haul. Cynthia moved to Madison and Shane moved into her closet. They started writing songs and going to open mics so they decided they were a band. After a series of tumultuous and emotionally-charged personnel changes which helped cement Shane & Cynthia's reputation as the most perfectionist and demanding musicians in Madison, they finally settled on drummer Steve Shah and bassist Christian Burnson.
Gender Confetti!!! is a cute queer punk band from Madison, WI, made up of Elyse Clouthier (all pronouns) and Sylvia Johnson (they/them or she/her). The duo pulls sonic inspiration from a wide range of genres, including riot grrrl, surf rock, hardcore, pop punk, and disco glam. Their message is radical and explicitly political. They write songs about queer liberation, anti-capitalism, gender deviance, polyamory, trans rights, ethical communication, mutual care, romantic friendships, genital dysphoria, experimental sex, and shattering binaries. The band has released one self recorded/released demo tape called “QUEERS OF JOY”, and is working on an official full length record. They have played in over ten states and two countries. They have opened for national acts like Big Freedia, Tank and the Bangaz, Kitten Forever, and Lex Allen, but will always live for basement shows. Most of all, they want to recruit you to the queer agenda.

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