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Wed. Oct. 23
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Thu. Oct. 24
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Fri. Oct. 25
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Sun. Oct. 27
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Mon. Oct. 28
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Tue. Oct. 29
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM

Tue. Oct. 29
21+ / Crown Liquors - 8PM

Wed. Oct. 30
21+ / The Burlington - 8PM


Wed. Oct. 23 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
OLD JOY - listen
Scum pop/power trash from Chicago, IL.
DEAD SOFT - listen
Hailing from a small inlet island in the Pacific Northwest, Dead Soft is a four-piece band pairing playful, melody-driven rock 'n roll with high energy power-pop anthems. Or, as the band describes it: "Dead Soft is grunge-punk for the people." The forthcoming EP, New Emotion, features five catchy, earnest fuzzed-out rock songs that act as an empowering reminder that you are in control of your life, even when life feels out of control.
Dinosaur Jr-esque loud indie music.
ESTER - listen
Ester is the newest evolution of songwriter Anna Holmquist's music, ft. a veritable supergroup of Chicago musicians.


Thu. Oct. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Los Crudos meets Pavement
CANADIAN RIFLE (ex Ambition Mission, Fourth Rotor, and (Lone) Wolf & Cub)
Chainsaws fighting in a dump truck. Melodic punk rock outfit based out of Chicago, IL.
Throw your old shoes out before you have to walk to the store to buy a new pair and be hopeless with a smile.
TIME THIEVES (members of This Is My Fist, Brickfight, Sass Dragons, and Horrible Things) - listen
Being in bands takes up time. Time you can never get back.


Fri. Oct. 25 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
DEN - listen
Den are three low frequency worshipping cavemen from Chicago playing loud since 2010 somewhere between noise rock & metal with occasional progressive elements & electronic fuckery.
BUMMER - listen
Rock 'n' roll music for the future cavemen of America.
NERVER (formerly Celebration) - listen
Nerver are a really big rock band from Missouri, USA.
SALVATION - listen
Salvation is a Noise-Rock trio out of Chicago, IL. Over a pounding rhythm section provided by Vic Riley and Santiago Guerrero, the harsh screeching guitars leave some room for Jason Sipe's palatable yet tortured vocals. Royal Fucks was released on Tape and CD in 2015 (now out of print) and in March 2017, "Sore Loser" was released by Forge Again Records.


Sun. Oct. 27 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Blind Staggers play the kind music that rattles around your brain at 4am after a long, lonely night at the bar. In other words: THEY PLAY A MIXTURE OF COUNTRY AND PUNK ROCK. (Zing. Bet you wonder how we got all up in your head, SUCKA? It was easy. We are exactly like you in every way.)
Granny Tweed plays a loud set that delves into the genres of surf, punk, country and garage rock. While the band takes their music seriously, they leave plenty of room for a sense of humor. Rocking riffs with confessional poetry? Yes! Instrumental blasts of punk that take left turns into surf? Got ’em. Witty tunes about pig farms? Check. Country ditties outlining “alternative” family dynamics? Yup. In summation: there’s a little bit of everything coming at you loudly.
Before setting out on his solo folk career, Bradley Palermo spent 15 years fronting the bands The Sudden Passion and Femme Fatality. He grew up in St. Louis, MO playing in local indie bands. All the while he was developing an affinity for the alt-country bands that were emerging from the region at the time. Palermo draws inspiration from Americana acts like Son Volt and The Bottle Rockets, and folk-punk troubadours such as Chuck Ragan and David Dondero (both of which he’s now shared the stage with). His songs are often autobiographical, turning themes of the open road, free living, and facing mortality. Palermo’s first full length, “Volume 1” (out 4/19/19) is a reworked and remastered collection of previously released singles. The record is a result of a successful crowdfunding campaign late last year, and is available on digital/vinyl/CD formats. He is currently based in Los Angeles, CA and touring internationally.
Very few musicians can deliver songs that are emotionally vulnerable and simultaneously epic. Very few activists can help organize massive events like Ladyfest Dayton but also find time to tour and juggle multiple bands. Very few people can radiate boundless creativity and power, while still maintaining their inherently friendly, humble nature. Paige Beller captures all of these qualities and more in her songwriting, live performances, and attitude. Deeply rooted in Dayton, OH’s eclectic music scene for well over a decade, she returns with her newest solo EP, Paige Beller…Space Cadet. Like the five of her other major releases, these songs sting you straight in the heart and rock your soul. Imagine drifting endlessly through outer space, with only a strange concoction of thoughts and feelings to entertain you. The live set is equally dynamic, as Beller deploys everything in her instrumental arsenal; from acoustic and electric guitars, to drum kits, a tiny piano, and of course, her iconic voice.
So many of life’s struggles and successes can be traced back to communication: good, bad, clear, muddled--finding real clarity with others, and yourself, isn’t always as easy as it is essential. Sometimes it can feel like a battle to even know who you are, much less to know others and to help them know you in turn. On their sophomore full-length, Nothing Blues, Chicago’s Typesetter use their distinctly vibrant brand of indie punk to explore that innately human desire for understanding, and how we achieve it. Formed in 2012 by longtime friends, Marc Bannes (vocals, guitar), Alex Palermo (bass, vocals), and Kyle McDonald (guitar, vocals), Typesetter quickly became regulars on the DIY touring circuit and began building a catalog of tuneful, yet gritty songs over multiple EPs and their 2014 debut full-length, Wild’s End. As the band’s lineup evolved, so did their sound, and with the additions of Sarah Bogosh (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) and Matt Gonzalez (drums), a colorful new wash of atmosphere and dynamics began to saturate the band’s anthemic punk. On Nothing Blues, Typesetter dive headfirst into this new territory, with Palermo and Gonzalez providing the driving rhythmic backbone for Bannes and McDonalds’ walls of shimmering reverb and distortion, while Bogosh’s synths add a dreamy flourish rarely heard in tandem with the directness of punk. This eclectic mix of tones and textures--even a bit of trumpet--could be a recipe for sensory overload, but the band deftly makes room for ambitious arrangements while maintaining the unbridled momentum at their core. Typesetter’s sonic growth is a complement to Nothing Blues’ lyrics, which find Bannes’ chronicling a period of his life that compelled him to find crucial new ways of communicating. Throughout his 20’s, he consistently struggled with his mental health, self-medicated for symptoms and denied the situation’s severity because admitting reality felt like a defeat. But as he approached the next decade of his life, Bannes felt pushed to a breaking point, and in desperation finally sought a more constructive path. He was diagnosed with depression and an anxiety disorder, and came to realize this revelation and self-candor wasn’t a defeat at all, but instead a step in the right direction towards drastically renegotiating his interpersonal relationships and internal dialogue into something healthier and happier. Nothing Blues is a document of this process: “Real Conversations with Imaginary Friends” finds Bannes tackling the paranoia of not being able to trust his own perceptions; companion tracks “Monogamy I (Gliss Happening)” and “Monogamy II (Bad Actor)” are odes to honest love; and on “Technicolor” (featuring guest vocals from Lydia Loveless), Bannes sings of his struggles with self-actualization.


Mon. Oct. 28 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
LEVER - listen
Formed in 2012, Lever is a four-piece original grunge/pop/rock band taking influences from artists such as Nirvana, The Vines, Oasis, and Speedy Ortiz, to The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zeppelin. In 2018, Lever was awarded "Best Rock Entertainer" at the 37th Annual Chicago Music Awards, and in 2017, Lever was voted "Best Rock Band" by the Chicago Reader's Poll. Alongside their full-length Hover Bored (2015) and their recent EP Ms. Lead (2017). Lever's brand new full-length album Douse, is available now! Lever has shared the stage with national touring acts, such as RED, Saving Abel, The Dead Deads, Night Ranger, Summer Cannibals, Diarrhea Planet, Doll Skin, City of the Weak, Stitched Up Heart, Darling Parade, and The Composure.
The band made up of Adam Mohundro, who played in indie-rock band Gypsyblood, and Wedding Dress drummer Christian Dawson play supersimple, hypermelodic, driving pop-rock with a heavy postpunk bent, kind of like a really accessible version of Wire.
The Drug Rugs are a Chicago duo featuring guitarist/singer Anthony Ferretti and drummer Mario Coletta. Formed in a recording session in the spring of 2019, the duo have churned out a six song ep of reggae/dub tunes that will inspire the masses.


Tue. Oct. 29 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
IKARAY - listen
Ikaray is a four-piece post metal band from Chicago, IL. Their music embodies feelings of misery and political dissatisfaction, while delivering atmospheric melodies and crushing tones. Ikaray released their self-titled EP in 2016, and is set to record their full length record in January, 2019.
It's STILL a secret to everybody.
STAGHORN - listen
Driven by feminine empowerment and an ever-evolving quest for lineup diversification and self-sufficiency, Staghorn is as much an intellectual, cultural and philosophical statement as it as an artistic expression. Conceptualizing their compositions as an extended narrative about humanity’s insistence towards the destruction of their surroundings and ultimately of themselves, Staghorn’s recordings offer a narrated sonic journey through our self-induced downfall, the animal kingdom’s terrifying yet triumphant return to power, the crisis of water shortage, a peek into a future where cooperative co-existence is possible, and more. Those prepared to open their minds and take the plunge into this hypothetical realm will find artistry and aesthetic side by side with activism; striking composition aligned with thoughtful ethics, both of which proclaim themselves with bold immediacy.
EKKI - listen
Ekki is a Chicago based riffy shoegaze band from Max Guerrieri, Tim Foley, Leslie Murray, and Jonny Gill.


Wed. Oct. 30 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Based on an incredible true story, Kirby Grip is a bunch of foodie numbskulls from Chicago's west side. With hooks, books, and power-pop in their blood, these fellas look to rip gigs and talk about Red Hot Ranch as if it were their religion.
SICK DAY - listen
Sick Day is an infectious rock band from Chicago. Check out their latest single, 'Deja Vu' released on October 6th.
The extra large duo in Chicago serving up extra fat bass lines with extra heavy drums. Part Punk, part noise, part metal. Champions of Super Bowl XX.
Perfect Blue is a six-piece band from Chicago. Perfect Blue formed out of a love of music regardless of genre and strives to blend a love of the eighties and nineties aesthetic of alternative music with something that feels very modern. Armed with synthesizers, vintage drum machines, and dozens of effects, Perfect Blue wants to show you something different.


Thu. Oct. 31 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Chicago skate punk!
Punk rock band from Chicago.
JUST A MESS - listen
Just A Mess is a Chicago made alternative/punk rock band composed of Tony Sarlo on guitar and vocals, Kyle Blais on bass, and Cory Gray on drums.
THE BROKEN - listen
Who are The Broken? In short, they are four odd-ball friends and musicians who have found unity in dissonance. Hailing from Chicago’s Northwest side The Broken were founded in 2014 when four high school friends decided they wanted to become more than just band and choir geeks, and embrace their mutual love for all things rock and roll. They have spent the past four years developing and fine tuning their sound, creating their own blend of controlled chaos; the result of blending their diverse musical tastes and influences to form a unique fusion of genres. They have taken elements ranging from classic rock and heavy metal to grunge and modern alternative rock to create a single coherent sound: a tone that is both old and new; “Broken”, yet still complete.


Fri. Nov. 01 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
BESTMAN - listen
BESTMAN is warm digital, arranged to precision yet completely riotous, as if etched onto a wave; impassioned synthpop that blazes like an unruly bonfire on the beach. Combining vibrant pop rhythms with driving electronic bass and sunny, melodic synths, it captures the nostalgia of fleeting emotions and relationships of youth with the introspection of who we are today. The combination of sunny synth melodies with driving rhythm and bass makes for a relaxed West Coast attitude with a hardworking Midwestern backbone.
PALM GHOSTS - listen
Palm Ghosts is a band based in Nashville, led by songwriter and producer Joseph Lekkas. A Philadelphia native, Joseph Lekkas relocated to East Nashville in the winter of 2014. Palm Ghosts imagines dream pop, new wave and dark cinematic indie textures into an eclectic musical potpourri.
Jackson Davis is songwriter/producer from Chicago, IL that's makin' some experimental indie rock.
Cat Daiquiri is Sarah Sterling (Videotape, Astrobrite), Steve Rajewski (Canada, Little Midnight) and Graham Bauerle (Carbon Dioxide). Steve (guitar, vocals, keys) and Sarah (drums, vocals, keys) met in the spring of 2014, and started working on music together shortly after. A few months later Graham, newly arrived from DC, joined on bass. They had drinks together at a tiki bar, and thus, Cat Daiquiri came to be.


Sat. Nov. 02 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Celebrating 30 years of friendship and 20 years of creating music, American Draft is [EMOTION] to release their first [ADJECTIVE] album in 10 years, The Rescue. The instrumental quartet from Chicago delivers a combination of [ADJECTIVE] rock, [DESCRIPTION] sounds and an [ADVERB] approach to songwriting. Yes they’re still a band, no you haven’t heard of them, until now. [VERB].
Drilling for Blasting is a two piece band that sounds like a three and a half piece. "Making music un-relate-able to the common man, but beloved by musicians and sound engineers". Its the sort of loud, weird, odd, but grooving tunes that you might or might not expect from these two old fucking dogs.
THE MONS (members of Mexican Cheerleader, The Mashers, Lynyrds Innards, and Apocalypse Hoboken)
You are probably wondering, "Who are these dudes and why are they bothering me?" If you know about Mexican Cheerleader, The Mashers, Lynyrd's Innards, Apocalypse Hoboken and countless other offshoots, chances are pretty good these are dudes you know. 5 dudes to be exact. 5 very good looking dudes.
JOB - listen
JOB is a rip-roaring, eardrum-blasting post-rock machine straight outta Chicago.


Sun. Nov. 03 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
OPTIONS - listen
Options is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Seth Engel, who has found it impossible to stop writing music. He's released several albums with varying sonic approaches, and sometimes plays shows with a band.
PHONY - listen
PHONY is the side project of Neil from Donovan Wolfington.
FURBIE - listen
Furbie is Annie & Mercedes & rock music. They love rock music.


Mon. Nov. 04 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Commonweather is a 4-piece rock band formed in the suburbs of Chicago, IL in early 2015. From their latest EP release 'Lemon', the band finds a balance between energetic punk and raw, emotional lyricism. The tracks drive with a flair similar to contemporary alternative acts, while glistening with a spark that is uniquely their own. The band wears their ‘90s influence proudly, pairing soaring modulated guitars with fierce, snarled vocals. Every note and lyric work together to tell the EP’s story, painting a vibrant scene for the songs to exist.
SUNTITLE - listen
In early 2018 South Jersey's Suntitle, previously known as Pines, released their debut EP "The Loss Of" following a strong series of successful releases and tours spanning the full east coast and into the midwest. After sharing the stage with Movements, Turnovers, Set It Off, Seaway, Knuckle Puck, Save Face, X Ambassadors, Hawthorne Heights, 68, Better Off, and countless others. The new outfits has set sights on the rest of the nation and plans to tour for the better part of the upcoming 2018 year.
FURLOUGH - listen
Four-piece Chicago emo est. 2016. Cut the ties that salt your wounds.
LONG GONE - listen
Pop rock trio from Chicago, IL.


Tue. Nov. 05 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Nicole Amine is a singer, songwriter, and musician based in Chicago, Illinois. Growing up in Metro Detroit, Nicole was immersed in Motown, soul, and rock music at an early age. After moving to Chicago in 2012, Nicole began to explore her deep love of the blues, the influence of which is evident in her style and songwriting. She utilizes her voice to deliver her personal lyrics in hopes to capture and secure the listeners' attention. Following the release of her first three singles in 2018 and 2019, Nicole is working towards releasing her debut LP in 2020.
The Laughing Hearts is a rock band based in Chicago, IL. From Funk to Punk, they take inspiration from it all and put it together in a shredtastic stew of straight-forward rock.
Singer-songwriter from Northern Wisconsin. Moved to Chicago to pursue big boy music dreams -- sings about his feelings and opinions in a poetic, Folk-Rock driven manner. New song “Her Touch” out Oct 29th!
Morgan Powers is a singer-songwriter based in Chicago. She’s developed a distinct style that displays fingerpicking, soft melodies and intimate stories.


Fri. Nov. 08 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
OVEF OW - listen
OVEF OW is a 4-piece rock band that formed in the spring of 2015. The band's lineup features Marites Velasquez (bass), Sarah Braunstein (drums), Kyla Denham (synth) and Nick Barnett (guitar). Over the past year, the quartet has quickly built a following in the Chicago indie-music scene around their surf and garage/punk-inspired and multi-vocalist sound. They draw influences from Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, and the B-52s.
ASI ASI - listen
Así Así, originally formed in Mexico City in 2009 as El Mañana, is a Chicago based Mexican/American indie rock band. The band consists of Fernando de Buen (guitar/vocals), Ben Geissel (drums), and Charlie Manion (bass guitar). As El Mañana, the band has released two albums, El Mañana and Muertos, with Mexico City labels Discos Cuchillo and Fanclub Records. After a 5-year hiatus, the band reformed in Chicago and has taken on a new name and a more dance influenced style.
CLICKBAIT - listen
Chicago post-punk. A band with a plan.
HEETDETH - listen
Noisy Chicago Rock Duo HEETDETH is ready to play at your BBQ, corporate event, and gendermitzva. Queer, angry, and lovers of the planet.


Sat. Nov. 09 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The Breathing Light formed in Huntsville, Alabama around 2008. They relocated to Chicago in 2012. Their sound is a mixture of Punk and Post-punk.
Sadie and the stark is Emily, John, Anthony, and Sadie. A femme-rock, fantasy band for your soul majoring in sci-fi.
Songs of heartbreak, the long highway, and dying alone - from the abandoned cathedral at the end of the galaxy.
SuperKnova is a Chicago-based transgender artist who creates Queer Pop, a guitar-based sound that incorporates electronic drums, driving synths, and virtuosic solos. They write about identity, sex, queerness and the struggle of being your authentic self.


Sun. Nov. 10 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
The last great American rock n' roll band for fans of Sparklehorse, The Smashing Pumpkins, Guided By Voices, Kind Of Like Spitting, and Big Star.
TREADLES - listen
Treadles is no longer just a lump of coal.
MOSS JAW - listen
Compositionally dynamic, organic soundscapes cultivated by four pals from Kalamazoo, MI.


Thu. Nov. 14 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
NORA MARKS - listen
Stoner punk music the whole family can enjoy.
Nosey Neighbor is a Chicago based original punk rock band. Formed in 2018 the band found its ultimate lineup this summer. Nosey Neighbor’s songs of disillusionment and resolve bring a distinctive sound with a bit of a hardcore edge. A demo / EP is in the works, but for now you have to trust me. They’ll rock your world and then probably follow you home with night-vision goggles.
Surf punk with a little bit of ska.
LEMON KNIFE - listen
Hard rock duo from Chicago, inspired by Queens of the Stone Age, Muse, Wolfmother, and The Clash.


Fri. Nov. 15 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Pummeling Sludge and deep doom like a giant cosmic hammer, THESE BEASTS pound through some of the heaviest grunge riffs of the decade for a truly vicious and primal performance. These Beasts are a three piece from Chicago, IL consisting of Todd Fabian on Bass and Vocals, Keith Anderson on Drums and Chris Roo on Guitar and Vocals.
WITCHPIT - listen
Sludge metal/hard rock act from South Carolina.
ARRIVER - listen
ARRIVER was founded in Chicago in 2006 to create a metal epic from a found paragraph of nonsense. Their evolution has produced a body of work of great sonic diversity, linked by the narrative thread and the mightiness of the Riff. ARRIVER's latest release, the full-length Emeritus, is an ecstatic/folkloric resetting of the Chernobyl event set forth in five long tracks of expansive heaviness.
Punk/Sludge/Noise Rock from Chicago, IL. members of arbogast, LORD, Still Machine, etc.


Sat. Nov. 16 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Jupiter Styles "Ultra St. Opera" record release show!
Jupiter Styles is the project of Chicago musician Sean Neumann. Neumann's a familiar face in the Midwest DIY scene, previously playing guitar in Champaign bands Nectar, Easter, and Single Player and touring extensively throughout the world since 2012. Neumann’s project has been dubbed an “indie-minded emo supergroup” by DIY blogs like The Alternative, recruiting members of bands like Ratboys, Pet Symmetry, Nectar, The Reptilian and more to help record and perform songs live. The band's latest album, "Ultra St. Opera," explores the human relationship with loss — through death, time, and a fading memory as life continues rapidly around us.
Distorted guitars and male/female harmonies.
NECTAR - listen
Kamila Glowacki's project Nectar draws influence from twee-pop and punk, blending fast-paced hooks with intelligent songwriting that leaves you wanting more after each song flies by.
DAN DURLEY - listen
Dan Durley is a songwriter from Chicago.


Tue. Nov. 19 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
MUTED COLOR - listen
Muted Color is a live music act from the suburbs of Chicago, IL, that plays a high-energy fusion of indie, shoegaze, and post-punk. They recently released their Pastel EP on all streaming platforms in June 2019.
Bursting into the music-scene in 2018, CLIFFDIVER consists of six Indie-Rock specialists combining their talents for the greater good. Based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma, each member of the band is a verifiable veteran of their own hometown – and the sum total of their experience quickly added up to a tight & exciting sound in CLIFFDIVER instantly as they started to jam, write, and record songs for their debut.
With stunning versatility in their amped-up sound that vibrantly expands to include Emo, Pop, Rock, Punk, & more – the advantages of having six competent players all holding their own and unified in their vision led the band to the official release of four highly creative & colorful cuts on their Small Hours EP.
MESS - listen
Mess delivers swollen and orchestral indie-rock paired with a voice that is emotionally harrowing by way of subtlety. It’s often a quiet kind of hurt that doesn’t fill the room with a thunderous roar or vivid color, opting instead to fill the room with dense fog and tension that can be felt across the globe. The sting that radiates from Gliesman’s vocals feels like it’s been forced through the cracks in permanently clenched teeth. It’s damn near impossible to believe that this Kansas City quartet is responsible for a sound as robust as they are; each member brings what sounds like a lifetime of talent and craftsmanship into their work, and it’s that prowess that has allowed them to share the stage with acts like Pianos Become The Teeth, Turnover, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, and more. tl;dr the music that comes from Mess is anything but.
HAND OUT - listen
Nola Power Emo.
Indie band bristletongue is a four-piece from Lake County, IL. Fronted by nonbinary former folk artist L Morgan (they/them) and backed by artists with varying musical backgrounds, bristletongue brings a unique sound to the stage, and lyrics “whose aureate poetics bolster the group’s expansive compositions, which lie along the emo to post-rock spectrum,” says James Rettig of New-York-based music blog “Stereogum”.

Wed. Nov. 20 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
LILAC - listen
Born from the ashes of local sludge-metal/noise-rock freaks Cacaw, guitarist-vocalist Anya Davidson reemerges after a strong hiatus to create the noisy four-piece LILAC. Consisting of Baltimore transplants Chris Day on bass, Conor Stechschulte on guitar (both of defunct doomy noise-psych band Witch Hat) and Kenny Rasmussen of Anatomy of Habit on drums, LILAC aims to deliver noise-rock quicker, punchier and harder than ever before.
MR. PHYLZZZ - listen
Ex members of the Cincinnati rock outfit The Killtones (Clinton Jacob and Ray Redmon) formed a side project called mr.phylzzz. what else do you need to know but that. We make music and put it out. The end.
BELLHEAD - listen
Bellhead are a Modern Rock duo made up of two Chicago scene veterans who have left their mark across the tattered live music scene. Consisting of High Bass/ and Lead Vocalist Ivan Russia, formerly of the infamous Ahab Rex, Mr. Russia, and Sheriff Scabs; partnered with Low Bass/Vocalist Karen Righeimer- one of Chicago’s premier bass players who has been featured as a current or former member of diverse bands such as Fashion Bomb, Team Cybergeist, Sheriff Scabs, W.O.R.M, Now I'm Nothing, mindfluxfuneral, Bethany Thomas, Pigface, and am.psych.
PYLONS - listen
Pylons formed in Chicago in 2015 and have released two full-length records. Known for contrasting vocals and tight songwriting, their sound is uniquely thrilling. Post-punk and grunge influences vary up their sound, perfect for fans of Pixies or Wire. Their full lineup is Gretchen Hannum on guitar and vocals, Sam Fadness also on guitar and vocals, Karen Mooney on bass, and Andrew Sheriff on drums.

Sun. Nov. 24 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
Kitchen Experiment was once told they sounded “kind of like hüsker dü a bit but like some other bands too. And also, like yourselves”. It was a fair assessment. Since then, they stopped playing the one hüsker dü song they knew.
THE FLIPS - listen
Chicago rock quintet The Flips are known for writing personal songs about inner struggles. Their first album A Harm Deep But Shining tackled themes of faith, religion and identity through contemplative self-reflection and at times, outright anger and frustration. The band’s sophomore album, Better Days, delves deeper into the personal and examines the experience of living with and overcoming mental illness. This time around the band has created a thick heavy guitar based sound to complement the distressed and despondent narrative.
The Whittingtons were raised on Chuck Berry and JFA records, MGD, B-movies, and skateboards. Short fast rules with a beach party attitude. Too dumb to die.
Modern commercialized folk from artist/videomaker/musician/designer/skateboarder, Rich Salamander!

Sat. Nov. 30 - 8:00 pm - 21+ -
From the Start has been playing punk and alternative music together in various iterations throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for nearly 20 years. Their debut EP entitled 'Nautical Disasters' was released this year. Drawing on the tradition of the basement and small-club rock scene their members grew up in, From the Start has been generating a wide variety of energetic and colorful new rock sounds.
CHEAP HEAT - listen
Cheap Heat are the elbow-droppin' heroes of your wet dreams. Riffs and licks to split your wigs. Hide your moms and hide your drugs. Cheap Heat is climbing to the top of the mountain while stepping on your neck. Take no prisoners, only checks. Book us for your birthday party and they'll blow out all your candles.
RADAR - listen
Radar play grungey punk rock and roll and hail from Chicago, IL!
We are a punk rock band from Lombard, IL. There is no band on the planet that better represents America's bird.

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